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Tomolpack offers a wide range of packaging systems, all our products are designed to guarantee the maximum protection for the customer’s goods and materials. Our Packaging systems, manufactured and tested in our factory in Milan, are characterized by the use of avant-garde techniques always updated with the latest innovations of the sector to allow a maximization of the packing performance.
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Thanks to its great experience in this business in the area of Milan, Tomolpack studies and designs personalized packaging for the customer needs manufacturing customized corrugated boxes in short time and with competitive price. Available in different corrugated board typology, our packaging systems are made of recyclable materials, environmental friendly and easily disposable, easy to use and to be recycled.
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Alluminium Barrier

Aluminium barrier Film is the perfect way to package any type of goods protecting them, for a long time, from any kind of weather conditions and keeping them safe from rust.

White shrinkable film

Polyethylene packaging is a good solution for every type of products with any weight and shape because its purpose is to protect your materials from dust and rain.

Anticorrosive VCI

Anyone who produces, sells or stores goods with metal components is familiar with the problem of corrosion. This natural force attacks metals, threatening your business’s bottom line in the process.Tomolpack helps you to meet this demand without compromise, offering professional VCI corrosion protection and packaging which tick all the boxes.

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TOMOLPACK designs and manufactures industrial packaging for over 30 years; technology and experience allow us to create the perfect solution for your products’ safety.

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