Cutting systems For the use of roll material such as paper, corrugated cardboard or films we offer you the best cutting systems with dispenser, either as freestanding cutting stand or for use at the packing station. The units are amortized in a short period as roll material is cheaper than blanks. In addition, dangerous and time-consuming plying with blades and scissors is no more necessary.

  • Cutting stand – double cutting stand
  • Table cutter – under-table cutter
  • Wall – cutter
  • Attachment cutter
  • Vertically and horizontally cutter


  • Supporto con taglierina (singola o doppia)
  • Taglierina da tavolo
  • Taglierina da parete
  • Supporto con taglierina a scomparsa
  • Dispositivo di taglio per montare
  • Cavalletto srotolabile mobile
  • Supporto con taglierina pneumatica
  • Dispositivo di taglio pneumatico per montare
  • Supporto con taglierina verticale (eccezionale salvaspazio)

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