Nolco-Flex is an excellent protective cover against transport damages for cable drums, sensitive steel, aluminum, rubber or other types of coils like rollers, tubes or even organ pipes. NOLCO-FLEX is not only an economical shock absorber for all sensitive surfaces, it also protects them against extreme weather conditions. NOLCOFLEX consists of special impregnated woodfibre boards with a reinforced PE coated paper on the outside. Alternatively, an outside liner of pure kraft paper can be chosen. An inside liner of PE coated paper is also available. NOLCO-FLEX bends smoothly around and is in direct contact with your product. It will maximize protection reducing packing time substantially. Apart from its flexibility and its excellent mechanical strength, NOLCO-FLEX is also environment friendly. This has been proved during a variety of controlled (and independent) tests. NOLCO-FLEX is quick and easy to apply and just as easy to remove. Big advantages to shipper and receiver. NOLCO-FLEX requires no SIREX treatment.